Hat Giveaway

Doing a free hat giveaway sounds like a crazy idea. Why would anyone give away free stuff?

We can understand why you’d think that! However, check out our instagram page where we have reposted tons of our customers showing off their FreshBrimz - we have a slideshow above. 

What's in it for us, you might ask. Is this a scam of some sort?

Instead of paying for traditional advertising to create direct sales, we're using that budget to cover the costs of the hats and to offer them for free (for a limited time, of course).

Here's the “catch"
We are sure you will absolutely LOVE your hat.
When people ask where you got it, you’ll tell them it came from Fresh Brimz.
This will create word of mouth advertising, which is far more powerful than traditional advertising.

When the hat giveaway is over, the hats will return to their regular prices. So the people you refer to us will have to purchase them.

Why would we want to lose money? I'm afraid to pay online, is this safe?

It's 100% safe.
In fact, we don't even have access to your payment details. All payments are processed by a third party authorized payment processor.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. What you see is what you pay.
We are 100% transparent with our costs. We cover the product costs, but you will still have to cover the shipping.

The handling and shipping costs vary based on your location, but it's usually $13.95 per order.

To find out the exact shipping cost to your location, you'll have to add a hat to your cart and go to the checkout. After you fill in your address our system will calculate the exact shipping and handling cost.